At some point in our gaming career, we’ve all been there. A state where focus was once defined by not hearing unwanted noises from high volume or noisy gaming mice. You know, those gaming moments where anything click-y can be a factor of losing your head in the game. Yes, it happens and you know it.

It’s just normal after all but not that big of a deal if you ask me. I mean, for such moments, having a spare silent gaming mouse wouldn’t hurt. Aside from the capability of being silent, there isn’t really any huge technical difference if you compared it to a regular gaming mouse. The irony is that it could make all the difference for others around you who just want to turn your volume down!

SRocker C10s Wireless Silent Click Gaming Mouse

This silent gaming mouse feels great, sturdy, and smooth. The buttons are well-placed and I would not prefer it any other way, at least from my way of gaming. The mouse is not completely silent but sure enough it can handle quiet environments of any kind. Well, let’s just say that it’s just 95% quiet, how about that? This one’s very reliable I assure you. You can even make it as your primary gaming mouse.

JSCO JNL-101K Noiseless USB Gaming Mouse

Looks basic but it functions great for what it is. A truly silent mouse. It’s corded but I personally don’t mind that. I think corded is great for heavy hitters you know. No need to worry when you’re running out of battery and all. Just pure good old plug ‘n play goodness. It’s a good one and it’s worth your penny.

FOME I720 Noiseless Buttons Wireless Gaming Mouse

Another great addition to this list is this wireless gaming mouse from Fome. In terms of style and functionality, it’s a pretty decent mouse. It is silent yes, but you know after trying out this third one, I think there’s really no way you can make a 100% silent gaming mouse unless you make it touch-sensitive. But you know, where’s the fun in that, right?

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click

This one’s a game changer and I know most of you will agree with me. This silent gaming mouse from VicTsing is the ultimate bang for the buck of this list. It’s cheap but you get what you need with no BS whatsoever – silent, ergonomically reliable and build quality is great.

Mousee L6 Wireless Silent Gaming Mouse

If you’re into flashy design and style, go for this one from Mousee. Me, I’m all about the silent clicking of this mouse. Handling and ergonomics are good. It fits and grips well, too. Overall, it’s a reliable silent gaming mouse. I just hoped that there’s some simpler design and other colorways to choose from.

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