Volume for Vita out January 5

Hey, internet.

So. August 18th this year, we released Volume for PC and PlayStation 4. We’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction, and the support the game has had. You’re creating awesome user generated levels (our staff pick level count almost matches the ones we built in the first place). We’re excitedly working on Coda, a free VR expansion, coming to PlayStationVR next year.

But what about Vita?

I know how many of you have been waiting eagerly for this version of the game. I get a lot of polite requests on twitter every day (along with a couple of slightly rude ones, but that’s ok). It’s been a source of frustration for me that we didn’t get to release it alongside the other platforms. We missed our launch day for personal reasons, but having missed that date, we decided to take the opportunity to pour a great deal of attention into the Vita version, learning from the feedback other platforms were getting, and working hard to ensure that this game was worth the wait. And while that wait was longer than we hoped, I’m proud of the result, and the game we’re going to be releasing.

Volume will be released on Vita on January 5th in America, and January 6th in Europe.

It’ll release crossbuy, so if you already own the game, it’ll be a nice bonus. If you don’t, when you do buy the game, you’ll be getting the game on PS4 too the second you buy. And if, say, you were to notice and purchase Volume in some kind of… sale… between now and release, then that discount would absolutely let you get Vita Volume at a lower price. And rightly so, we kept you waiting.

Thanks to PlayStation gamers for your support of the game, and for your patience. While I never want to be in this position again, I’m unapologetically excited to hand you folks the best possible version of Volume achievable on Vita this January.

And if you’re one of our PC fans, or waiting on a cool PC price, Volume is now 50% off in the Steam sale. Huzzah!

Happy holidays,