5/5 - The Guardian - "the atmosphere, voice acting and plot had me coming back for more even when the puzzles overwhelmed me."


9/10 - Polygon - "a lovely thing made up of spellbinding puzzles that demand the player's attention. Its beauty, wit and intelligence are nicely offset by its quiet anger."


88/100 - Game Informer - "Volume’s story levels are designed with the same care that players must use when playing, and I enjoyed the experience from start to finish. With true stealth games a rare breed today, Volume stands as a declaration that the formula can still work."


Recommended - Eurogamer - "many games are cluttered these days, piling features on top of busywork. Volume isn't short of great ideas, but it delivers them gracefully, one at a time, layering simple concepts on top of solid mechanics to create the sort of organic gameplay experience that seems effortless."