#VolumeFriday Issue 79

Welcome, welcome my fine #VolumeFriday peeps! We've had an eventful couple of days surrounding the UK election and you can definitely feel it in the streets. How this plays out for UK Brexit negotiations is yet to be seen as well as what this means for the UK games industry. We will watch and find out soon.

E3 is opening Tuesday and for the first time is allowing non industry types to attend. The general public will be able to see unfinished titles and play some fairly new vertical slices of some of their favourite franchises. Is this risky? Some are worried about how an enthusiast market will deal with unfinished code but other are interested to see what the players are excited about.

Me, I think this can only help the industry. Keeping things locked away without much audience participation seems like a bigger risk for a game, but I guess the issue around players not wanting to give a game a second chance after playing the rough draft might be a fear some developers have with this approach.

Either way, I'm interested to hear what you think!