#VolumeFriday Issue 74

It is a happy Cinco de Mayo #VolumeFriday and we are celebrating @Sliwinski arriving in less than three days to the great island of Great Britain. The awesome duo of Mike and Alexander in one country is going to set some creativity sparks flying, I can't wait!

In my topic today, I thought I would discuss architecture and space in games. I feel that it is something that can enhance a game to great heights but is something that is often taken for-granted by the player. Games like Volume use architecture/the game environment to focus game play, whilst other games will use it as a way of setting the scene and even furthering narrative.

I'm most interested in the way Jon Brouchoud suggested virtual environments extend reality: 'Architecture can finally be free to become wholly narrative, full of meaning, instigate a powerful user experience, and convey a deep connection to the game plot and player perception.'. It gives the player not only a space to play in, but also a character in which to get to know and a way to further the narrative and game play.  

There are some amazing games that focus on architecture: https://www.curbed.com/2017/4/27/15451146/video-games-architecture-design-home

Which are your favorites?