#VolumeFriday Issue 75

It's a wonderful Friday evening here in London and that means it is #VolumeFriday once again. We are bursting at the seams waiting for @Sliwinski to be here with us (as well as his trusty side-kick Shepherd the dog). The wait is nearly over!!!!

I thought this week I would highlight some Volume game play on Twitch. We have the Twitch star That Angry Tortoise in his video Stealth mode, ENGAGE! 2 follows until 100 to show you. He makes it to 30% through on this video and whilst not giving a lot of insight into how to play the game, I feel this video is a nice way to get to see Volume in it's glory with some friendly commentary (it's fairly SFW). Get to 2:07:49 for a story time about an inside joke on 'Tortoise' flipping.