#VolumeFriday Issue 73


If you haven't noticed, it is indeed #VolumeFriday. Welcome and hope this week has treated you well! The Bithell studio is counting down the weeks until our COO is in the UK. Mike's inbox is flooded with concept art for the new project. All we need is the weather to pick up for Alexander's arrival and everything will be perfect!

This week I thought we could follow on from indie developers reputation from last week and talk more about indie developers and how they can learn from each other. Mike participated in a informal Q and A session at Develop Reboot. One of the most interesting things to come out of that session was the suggestion that in indie development, failure is simply one outcome of doing business, and not an indication of a person's talent or application.

Mike said: "If you can fail a few times and survive and make something cool, go for it. But there is the other path, and the other path is the one that's more traveled."

How can an indie fail today? With financial pressures, the need for a hit, how can an indie survive the fall? Yet it is the failures that move creativity to it's nth degree and help an indie from being good to great. How does it all balance out?