#VolumeFriday Issue 72

If you weren't in Croatia at Reboot Develop, you might have missed the excitement, had it not been for the twitter trending G2A's rhetoric. But in amongst all of this hullabaloo, Mike was a panelist talking about reputation where responsibility lies for maintaining it. Welcome to #VolumeFriday!

 In Mike's own words from an article by Matthew Handrahan:  "The key thing I've learned about shifting reputation over the years is that action matters a lot more than words," Bithell said. "It's not about paying lip service, saying we're thinking about doing a thing, we're about to do a thing, there is the potential in the future to do a thing; it's about just doing that thing. That's the way we've all helped our reputations over time."

Indie game developers understand the need for a strong reputation in the industry. The trust you need to gain with players, the importance of honesty with the media and having confidence in your team and them in you all contributes to your reputation. When Mike talks about reputation, he describes it as a deliberate action. Maintaining your reputation as an indie will always need to be deliberate, considered and based on action and not just promises.

Do you feel indies need to focus more on their reputations?