#VolumeFriday Issue 71

Good to see everyone again on this fine #VolumeFriday! A long weekend ahead of us, I know I'm going to be settling in for some intense game playing. The studio is quietly coming together with the big move for @Sliwinski coming over the pond shortly. If you aren't already following @mikeBithell and @Sliwinski on Twitter, please make it your task for the day as Mike and Alexander continue to hint at the upcoming game the studio is working on.

Today I would like to pose a question to you. Can games change the world? I am sure that you are just as inundated with negative media spilling out all over your favourite social media channels as I am. Sometimes I feel a little helpless. It's in times like these that I ponder how the games industry can make a difference.

I loved reading last years article by Jessica Conditt on how video games can humanise critical social situations, Video games are more important than ever. In this article she cites games such as 1979 Revolution: Black Friday and VR game We Are Chicago as art that informs and creates connection through play. I agree that the ease at which people can gain access to this artform through a in home console/computer or in hand device means that messages can be voiced on a daily basis to a large and captive audience. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this concept.