#VolumeFriday Issue 69

#VolumeFriday peeps! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Another glorious week has gone by. The studio is excited as @Sliwinski is joining us in London town finally and all we can assume is that is going to set a rocket from under us. Look forward to more updates from the studio.

This week in London there has been some upheaval because of Brexit. The London Games Festival has begun and several talks will include the topic of how Brexit will be affecting the games development community in the UK. Ukie has released a survey with 75 out of 2000 UK games developers suggesting that they are considering relocating some or all of their business because of Brexit.  

This change really does affect the games industry in the UK, with one main reason because of the lack of access to skilled workers. We are keeping focused and waiting to see the outcome of the Brexit deal as well as the Government's response to any changes that might adversely affect us in this community. As one of the top grossing entertainment industries, the games industry, in our opinion, should be maintained and looked after with great care.

As a game developer, what are you hoping for in this negotiation? We'd love to hear from you.