#VolumeFriday Issue 66

Welcome one and all to another #VolumeFriday! Busy week as we've had our peeps all over the place and exciting events are happening left, right and centre. @Sliwinski is at PAX East, @MikeBithell and @Sliwinkski were at DICE, it was International Women's Day and Sony PlayStation released a little game called Horizon: Zero Dawn.

I have to admit something to you. I was waiting to see some 'issues' when Horizon: Zero Dawn released with one protagonist ie: a female one. For me, I really didn't want to see it as an issue. Whilst I agree this is a huge step forward and great for women generally, I wanted it just to be a non event. To have a female lead character, in my opinion, shouldn't be a big deal today. From my research it seemed like people were infatuated with the game world, the voice actor, the great game mechanics and the general concept, not the fact that the protagonist wasn't a man.

I read an article on PlayStation Lifestyle that revealed that Sony was potentially worried this element of the game might affect sales. So they did focus testing as they felt it could be a risky move. But the results were positive, and whilst the sample size was small they went ahead anyway. It saddens me that it was seen as risky in today's world by the Sony execs, but I'm glad they did it and I'm super glad it was positive. Now I just want to play it to death and eagerly waiting for the next one in the franchise!