#VolumeFriday Issue 58

#VolumeFriday is back again! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend planned...you might even be playing Volume (I know you are thinking about it!). This week feels crazy with all that is happening in the gaming world - Guerrilla Cambridge being closed down, Apple is allowing bigger games on Apple TV and Nintendo Switch launch titles are released.

Yes, this might not seem so unbelievable but this is the games industry in the matter of 24 hours. Things are moving so fast in this industry, I will admit, it is hard to keep some semblance of perspective when considering the industry at large. Technology, consumer purchasing habits, government tax relief - it makes such a difference.

We have a new piece of technology from Nintendo being released shortly and it might change the way the games are created - where once there was a very clear divide between console and handheld, Nintendo are merging them. 

It would be great to hear how you the player feels about this, or if it even crosses your mind? It would be great to hear your perspective on this ever evolving games industry.