#VolumeFriday Issue 45

Happy #VolumeFriday everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted and we don't even have Volume:CODA out the door yet (Soon....soon).The studio has busy things happening in the marketing and development areas. Which means you can safely assume we are all hands on deck working towards both the release of the new title coming out from Mike Bithell Studios as well as CODA. Plus the @LimitedRunGames of Thomas was Alone has been super exciting...it really is an exciting time!

So to end off the week, I've been thinking about why people enjoy games and what makes something like Volume so enjoyable? I will admit there are times when I play and the frustration builds to levels that are untenable for any other humans to be around me. I might have even yelled obscenities at Locksley, even though I am in complete control. But I enjoy it and it takes me some time to identify why I like it. 

I'd really love to hear what you love about Volume and what brings you back to play it time and time again.