#VolumeFriday Issue 43

Well well, my old friend #VolumeFriday is here again! Welcome everyone to yet another glorious week in gaming. I hope you have been busy playing Volume and making your own maps. The studio is hard at it with another new project (I can't talk about it, sorry guys!) as well as gearing up for the Volume: CODA release. 

I've been thinking this week about the flurry of likes and retweets when we mention anything about hard copy releases, for example the upcoming @LimitedRunGames Volume physical release. What is it about these hard copy versions of games that gets people this excited? In the digital age of downloading, the physical release seems like a piece of nostalgia - but is it? Touch is such an important part of human existence, it does seem like the removal of the hard copy is taking something away from the experience, potentially even changing it for the player. 

What do you think? What makes you want to buy a physical release of a game?