#VolumeFriday Issue 37

Happy #VolumeFriday everyone! I hope it has been sparkly and Volume filled in some way. We at the Bithell office are counting down the release of Volume: CODA , so in tribute this post is another look at the world of VR. 

You've done the research, worked out the headset for you, read all the articles on the issue of nausea and went and bought some motion sickness tablets just in case. What are you missing? THE GAMES! We'll talk about a couple of games and experiences planned for VR. Mind, we haven't played them yet, but they look kind of cool and worth a mention.

Stranger Things VR Experience

The TV show that is like a Goonies/ET/any early 80's movie mashup has captured people around the globe (me included - I love it!). Now it has it's own VR experience where you face the Demogorgon and the upside down world. They tried it out on the cast and even they were freaked out.  Worth a look if you love the show/want to scare your family.

Bebylon: Battle Royal

This is a VR experience that is going to bring social gaming to VR. Quite a feat, but games company Kite and Lightning are working on it now.  In the game, people have stopped ageing at the point of being a baby and you battle and play in an arena with other babies who are real people, just like you. CEO and co-founder Ikrima Elhassan suggests it is Supersmash Bros and Street Fighter combined. I'm just excited to see social work in VR, let alone the way out concept!

The Climb

Fear of heights? This game is not for you. Like the idea of outdoor rock climbing but not the immediate danger? You might have to try this on. It's a rock climbing game where your disembodied hands climb to the highest peaks. Visually stunning and the ability to race your friends...I'm looking forward to how this works in a room!