#VolumeFriday Issue 38

Is it really #VolumeFriday already? This week has just flown by and with the introduction of Volume in Japan, we welcome some new players to the Volume family (歓迎みんな!). By the way new players, if you have bought Volume on your PlayStation device (PS4 or Vita), did you know that you get a free version of Volume:CODA, the VR expansion of Volume? Well, you do!

Talking about VR, do you ever wonder where this technology is taking us? Personally, I'm excited for all the developments in the wings and we can already see some of the potential uses being explored. Valve has created a VR spectator mode for DOTA 2 where you can watch the game right before your eye and  even move across the map to where all the action is.

With the Olympics on at the moment, there is also talk on how spectators in sport are going to be using VR technology. Companies like Beyond Sports are taking spectator-ship to the next level by using data from the football matches to create VR simulations. You'll be able to access views from any fan, player or official's point of view and even experience the stadium. 

There are endless possibilities for viewing and participation, not just for sport, but for a range of other activities. Comment below on what other activities VR is going to be used for.