#VolumeFriday Issue 34

Whoop Whoop - it's #VolumeFriday yet again! I am assuming you haven't been taken over by the phenomenon of Pokemon Go (it's OK if you have, most of the team have been and it's fun!). We are gearing up here for the launch of PSVR and Volume:CODA at Bithell Games and want to talk to you the players about your thoughts on VR and where it is headed. Is it a game changer? Is it a short term fad? What VR headset will you get?  Send your questions/thoughts to the AI on twitter, @VolumeGame, and we'll talk about them all in the next few weeks.

This week for #VolumeFriday we have a different kind of play through. R1ver_H takes us through a short video of not only the game (with some really succinct, clever and on point commentary I might add!) but also of the map building and a player made map.  Looking forward to seeing more videos by this player!

Check it out on You Tube today!