#VolumeFriday Issue 31

So here we are again on this world changing #VolumeFriday. To add to the excitement, guess what is on sale on Steam? That's right - Volume! It is currently 75% off and that makes it a cool £3.74! If you already have Volume, now is the time to get your friends interested too. It won't be on sale for long, so get in quick!

Also, if you are planning to get friends and family playing this fantastic game, consider sending them a link to this video by Jonathan is Bad at Games - My Humble Opinion on: Volume (February 2016 Humble Monthly). Apart from the incredible score Volume receives (cough...*A*...ahem) this video gives an extremely succinct, accurate and easy to understand summary of what Volume is all about. Everything except how to say Bithell is perfect and it also provides many different play through shorts that give you a good sense of the visual appeal of Volume. Send it on and get the peeps playing!