#VolumeFriday Issue 30

#VolumeFriday is back again, this time hitting the big 3-0. This week has been packed with @MikeBithell and @Sliwinski off at E3 and everyone talking about Playstation PSVR. Having Volume:CODA as one of Playstation's free releases (if you've already bought Volume on your Playstation device) and releasing a trailer for CODA just before E3 means we have been getting some great feedback and excitement from people. We want to hear from all of you - keep it coming!

To give you some more to help you get your CODA fix, we have the recorded Playstation Live Cast featuring Mike talking about Volume: CODA. I love it when Mike talks about how the 'world's most detailed model set' can be moved and rotated depending on what you do with your controller. I think this is going to be the most fun way to play Volume ever!