#VolumeFriday Issue 26

It is again #VolumeFriday and we have been very happy campers the last week as our Steam Sale has brought us some brand new players. Yay! Welcome newbies! You are now part of the Volume family and we can't wait to hear more from you in the future. The AI on twitter loves to hear from you too, so keep it happy and tweet us @Volume_Game.

Our illustrious creative genius/leader/all round good guy, Mike Bithell, stars in lots of podcasts, videos, talks, award ceremonies...people just want to hear from Mike. So this week we have a great podcast with Josh from Fan Geared Network and Mike talking about Volume, CODA (our VR version of Volume) and VR within the industry. Whilst the sound quality isn't 100% it is totally worth a listen to.

Volume Coda and Virtual Reality (Special Guest Mike Bithell) | Fan Geared Podcast #44 Pt. 2Fan Geared Network

Also, if you are interested in Mike and Bithell Games, check out the Podcast we release on Mondays:

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