#VolumeFriday Issue 25

Happy #VolumeFriday....the 13th! A spooky #VolumeFriday to announce the 75% OFF SUPER SALE of Volume on Steam.  You might already have Volume, but if you have a friend that you know would love Volume and they haven't played it, this is your chance to get them into it!

As there might be some new players coming to Volume, this week we thought we'd talk about making your own maps. A special feature of Volume is the ability to design and create your own maps for the Volume community to play and enjoy.  If you are interested, here are some videos to help you on your way:

Volume Level Editor: A quick demonstration by Mike of the level editing tools and features for the narrative stealth action game Volume, available later this summer.

Volume Level Creation - Episode 1 - The Making of Behind the Scenes LevelsThis video is about Volume level design, where level designers Sam Robinson and Hamish Lockwood talk with Mike about the processes they used to make the Volume maps. We have two other episodes on the same topic, worth a watch!

Volume User Generated TrailerA new trailer to coincide with the Vita launch.. featuring only gameplay created by the players. Great to get a quick view of what is possible.