#VolumeFriday Issue 23

Welcome Volume People to this week's #VolumeFriday! Who doesn't love #VolumeFriday? We get to hear all the good things happening in the Volume world and spread good messages about the amazing player created content.

This week, as @mikeBithell is away at Reboot Develop 2016 and *just* finished his talk, we have a Kinda Funny Gamescast staring Mike talking GDC, indie development, PS Vita, Volume and VR and what's next for Mike Bithell Games. If you are interested in Volume CODA, fast forward to 13.27 mins where Mike talks about it in some more detail. 

Also, if you want some more Bithell, why not check out the Bithell Games Podcast on You Tube. There is usually a special guest and topics that resonate with the developer community. Feel free email us, tweet or write a message on You Tube if there are any questions you have on game development for Alexander and Mike that they will answer for you.