#VolumeFriday Issue 22

#VolumeFriday is here again and BAM! we have another Staff Pick to share with you. You might be joining us recently, so to explain #VolumeFriday, we share some of the cool Volume stuff you create. It could be that we have picked a user created map and added it to our Staff Picks or we have selected a special 'let's play' video from You Tube. I'm even keen to start #VolumeIsArt , so if you have some fan art, send it our way!

Also send our way your questions that you want to ask Mike, Alexander or the special guests that regularly pop up on the Bithell Games Podcast, which you can send via email: contact@bithellgames.com.

This week's #VolumeFriday Staff Pick is a fun puzzle, with hidden guards, stealth and nimble fingers (they help!). It isn't a super long map, but you could be repeating it several times till you get it. Enjoy!


TODAY’S ADDITIONS TO THE VOLUME! (78 maps now in Staff Picks)

  • My Hotel Room - CaliforniaDreams