#VolumeFriday Issue 16

It is, once again, #VolumeFriday. It's Spring, flowers are blooming and the Games Developer Conference is just around the corner. Mike and Alexander will be at GDC, so be sure to find them and preferably start with a Volume quote just so they know your fandom -ness! If you don't catch them there, you can listen to them on the weekly Bithell Podcast .  Don't forget to send in your Reader Mail questions to contact@bithellgames.com - any questions you have, we answer! It might not be the right answer...

In honour of our Playstation 4 newcomers from the Playstation sale, we have  Let's Play Volume on PS4PlayStation Access. These guys really do crack me up with their witty commentary, Metal Gear Solid anecdotes and fluid game play style. Starting right from the beginning, these guys take you through until the map A Hidden Sin. 

If you are new to Volume, check us out at Twitter. The AI runs it and has a whale of a time trying to get you to laugh and not lose it's job in the process. Follow us at @VolumeGame for all the latest!