#VolumeFriday Issue 18

What a ride this week has been! Happy #VolumeFriday everyone! If you have been keeping up with Mike and Alexander on twitter, you will know that they are having a busy but exciting time at the Games Developer Conference . You might also have heard that the Playstation VR was launched at GDC, which is very exciting for Volume players as there is the free expansion for Volume, CODA, which will be coming first to Playstation VR. CODA takes the story further and you get to play as a new character - no spoilers, you'll just have to play and see how fun it is. Mike talks further about this in his piece for Playstion blog.

Today, rather than a staff pick or fan video, we have the the special GDC Bithell Podcast for your listening pleasure. Special guest star Michael Futter (@Futterish) joins today's Podcast and the three talk GDC, revelations at the conference and  VR. Keep an ear out for the news at 7.07 minutes during the Podcast - no spoilers but it might have something to do with a 'box'...

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