#VolumeFriday Issue 15

So it's #VolumeFriday again and we are super excited! Why, you may ask? Because Volume is 50% off for PlayStation US players, that's why! The other reason is that with the cross save functionality that is available now you can also play the same game on you PS Vita. This, in our opinion, is reason to celebrate! Essentially two games for the price of one. #Winning

This week we are highlighting YouTuber Greg from Kinda Funny Games in Let's Play Volume - Kinda Funny Plays. He does say right up front that Volume has been promoted on his pod-cast in the past but he also makes clear this video is for the pure love of Volume. We think this video is the best because Greg is hilarious. From his frank assertiveness of making it past the guards, his tangents on the Snack Em's Frog and his singing ability (listen out for it!).  Plus you get to see some great gameplay in the process.

If you are new to Volume, check us out at Twitter. The AI runs it and has a whale of a time trying to get you to laugh and not lose it's job in the process. Follow us at @VolumeGame for all the latest!