#VolumeFriday Issue 14

It's #VolumeFriday and it's time to go crazy! This week we released some more behind the scenes shorts of Mike, Sam Robinson and Hamish Lockwood answering some questions on the level design process.  You can find a playlist of all the Level Design Creation videos here, at Bithell Games YouTube channel . Coming soon is a video of Mike answering his favourite top ten game design questions asked by you - keep an eye out for that one!

This week we are highlighting Tim from Latest Vita Games in his video Volume PSVITA Gameplay 2nd Thoughts + Timee On The Run!.  Tim has several Volume videos for you to get a really good idea of the game play on the PS Vita. He takes you through the earlier levels so people new to Volume really get a sense of the movement and abilities of the character right away. 

Don't forget you can make your own maps on the PS Vita and the team here at Mike Bithell Games LOVES playing your maps! You might even get featured here on #VolumeFriday, so map away...