#VolumeFriday Issue 54

Welcome to another #VolumeFriday everyone! I am still loving each and every tweet that comes in with photos about the physical copies of Volume! It truly brightens the office every time I see one.  Please keep them coming - England is getting colder and darker, so the more bright tweets the better!

The topic for this week is awards. You may not know it but the BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) for Games closed this week and most of the BAFTA members will be playing and voting on the some of the top games of this week. Some awards ceremonies have had a lack of dev acknowledgement. BAFTA tries to ensure that its awards are for the developers and staff that made the game what it is and not focus so much on the publisher or marketing by making sure someone from the games development team are there to be awarded.  But is this enough?

We are lucky as a small studio with a fairly flat structure that if any part of our game is awarded/complimented we are a) so grateful and excited & b) it's the devs are focused on, the game makers. It is also the focus of the company's ethos to ensure the people who do the work are acknowledged. 

We'd love to hear from other games companies to hear how you tackle this issue. Also, I'veincluded a clip of our star from Thomas was Alone, Danny Wallace, accepting a BAFTA for best performance. He is so lovely!