#VolumeFriday Issue 51

Happy #VolumeFriday everyone! It's been an interesting couple of weeks for much of the Western world. Maybe even couple of months. For the Bithell team, it is also a time of change with Alexander Sliwinski moving to England and the team expanding.

I find the idea of how people deal with change quite interesting. In particular those who find solace in games. Many times throughout the Brexit campaign, the parallels between Volume and the situation in the UK meant many people looked to Mike as a prophet! But some said the game made them feel like they had some control over what was happening when playing.

The game Executive Command by iCivics for some people has been a way to deal with the American elections.  Whilst the elections have been traumatic for some, games have given hope and inspire to be a better person. Games have the power to do this and more.

What games give you strength, inspire or purely give you a place to escape for a while and gather your thoughts?