#VolumeFriday Issue 49

Another end to another week and VR is still one of the hottest topics! Microsoft talking about their plans for VR, Google Daydream hands on reviews are coming out, plus don't forget we have Volume:CODA which is free for those who already have it on PSVita or PS4. It includes 30 new levels for you to enjoy and master!

I've been enjoying all the fantastic tweets and messages on our foray into VR, but what I have been missing is the Let's Plays you normally get when you release a game. Never fear, Seven Degrees of Gaming is to the rescue with a play through of some of the levels. I won't condone the language (NSFW), but it is fun to see him traverse the playing field and his commentary is direct and honest. My favourite line at the moment is 'Shall we carry on' *said in a craggy monster voice. Shall we indeed!

Lets play Volume:CODA (Playstation VR) on PS4 - Seven degrees of Gaming