#VolumeFriday Issue 11

Whoo hoo #VolumeFriday is here at last and the weekend can start! If you haven't heard the Bithell Games Podcast is out every Monday and is jam packed with great discussion on the games industry. We've already had some fantastic guest hosts including Michael Futter, Adriel Wallick, Mike Rose and this week is Toni Brasting. These podcasts are especially brilliant for people in/starting out in game development as there is a segment called 'Studio happenings' that goes over certain topics relevant to games studios. Really worth a listen.

On the topic of learning more about game development, there is still time to ask Mike a question. We've already had several submitted on twitter but we always have time for more. Mike's favourite top ten questions will get a video recorded answer and be made available on the Bithell Games You Tube channel. Post them here or on twitter, we'd love to hear from you.

This weeks staff picks are by the talented chris-cetrone. Theme for this week is ' A quick game's a good game' because sometimes you want to try lots of short, exciting challenges. There are 13 in the series, but these are the staff favs.

TODAY’S ADDITIONS TO THE VOLUME! (81 maps now in Staff Picks)

  • MGSVR Missions - chris-cetrone // Sneaky level 13, 11, 9