#VolumeFriday Issue 3

Thirteen maps today (has some other stealth franchise released and distracted folks?), fingers crossed that's not an unlucky number. The oud seems to be particularly popular this week, as do levels based in educational buildings.

JPRE's Millenium Falcon gave me a nerdy smile (a tough level too) and Lynnaki's VR training maps have gotten me excited to see more. Phantomtaker could be a cool story to follow too. And finally, cheekily, facilitish is made by Daz, our concept artist. It's surprisingly good, I should get him to do some level design on the next game!

Great work, and for those keeping count, that brings us up to 58 great levels in staff picks. Crikey. Keep 'em coming!

TODAY’S ADDITIONS TO THE VOLUME! (58 maps now in Staff Picks)

  • "Over here dummy" - Demonizar
  • "Warehouse A13-74" - AgeraR_3-21
  • "Divehack - Dua" - V3CTORL30
  • "Ex: College" - Luke_C_93
  • "VR Training 3" - Lynnaki
  • "VR Training 4" - Lynnaki
  • "Marching Orders" - Demonizar
  • "Facilitish" - ThatsWhatUGets
  • "Millenium Falcon" - JPRE
  • "Phantomtaker #1" - V3CTORL3O
  • "B & E" - G-Pig22
  • "School Escape" - Actual Cho'gath
  • "Green Tea" - kanthall