#VolumeFriday Issue 5

One month. Pretty weird to think that it's only been that long since we released this thing. Weirder still to realise that the game has nearly doubled in size since then, thanks to 68 great staff picked maps (and the hundreds that didn't quite make it onto that list). Big thanks to everyone using the editor, it's a pleasure to keep highlighting your creations. My favourite this week is Fluoro-heart, a vivid and gorgeous level with some fantastically tightly put together challenges.

The team continues work on the Vita version (nearly there) and a couple of other surprises. We think the next couple of months should be pretty interesting for Volume fans!

TODAY’S ADDITIONS TO THE VOLUME! (68 maps now in Staff Picks)

  • Castle crash - TheRawrster
  • Follow the yellow brick road - koolkiller35
  • Sneaky - koolkiller35
  • Going Rogue - Demonizar
  • Flouro-heart - JPRE