#VolumeFriday Issue 2

Yesterday, we updated Volume with the addition of The Checkpoint Update to version 1.1. You can view all the details in our post, but to reiterate the basics of the new modes:

  • Freedom - This is the current version, which retains the present leaderboards. Checkpoints are always on, and a player can always get to them, even when under attack. Speedrunners have shown a knack for it, but stealth-focused players feel it’s easy to “cheese.”

  • Lockdown - This is the new default setting for the game with a whole new leaderboard. Checkpoints are unavailable (they disappear) when any enemy is actively pursuing the player. This prevents players from being able to use checkpoints to progress without stealth.

  • Execution - A new mode, which also features a new leaderboard. In this mode there simply are no checkpoints at all when loading a level. The ultimate challenge for those who desire it.

Folks are starting to get really creative for #VolumeFriday! Silly maps which push the mechanics to their extremes, and beautiful, more 'traditional' Volume maps, which demand ingenuity. A couple of standouts this week for me are Waka Man by Nitch (who happens to be a lead designer on Assassin's Creed, more AAA devs playing with our toys, please) which is my favourite Pac Man homage yet, and Tangle, which is the first and last pure maze I'm putting on staff picks, probably. Love the way it used sight lines to troll me. I'm also a fan of Spy Party, so it's cool to see that someone has made single player Spy Party a possibility in Volume. Very, very cool.

With the new checkpoint system now in the game on PC, I'd encourage you all to be just a little more generous with your checkpoints, or, well, put some in at least! Players who want to go without will do so, but it's nice to support those playing in Lockdown or Freedom mode.

I look forward to seeing what you’ve produced by next #VolumeFriday. :)




TODAY’S ADDITIONS TO THE VOLUME! (45 maps now in Staff Picks)

  • "Cargo Dock 1.1" - Beillzibub
  • "Waka Man" - Nitch
  • "Osgreb" - tofutasties
  • "Robbed" - GazaM18
  • "BC, F: House" - Luke_C_93
  • "Blood Borne" - Ицт₴FояИцт₴
  • "Osgreb - HARD" - tofutasties
  • "Dread Space" - PrimeGonzola
  • "Home Sweet Home" - superfunhappydi
  • "Grid Security" - Killer4Free
  • "Breaching Security" - Vazzan
  • "Bright Patient" - Gamal
  • "Spy Party" - S1gmus
  • "The Breakroom" - Wracketeer
  • "Space Invaders" - S1gmus
  • "Virtuo" - Matt
  • "Fountain Courtyard" - Skelitor77
  • "On The Run" - Demonizer
  • "Prototype 1" - dpemaulden
  • "Tangle" - Srep-m3
  • "BR: Home GG" - Luke_C_93