Volume v1.1 - The Checkpoints Update

Volume has been out for a little over a week and reaction from the press, YouTubers and streamers has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support as we update Volume.

I’ve mentioned in the past that when I made Thomas Was Alone I didn’t set out to make a great narrative. I never thought that the story of Thomas would become the thing people cared about. With Volume I underestimated the number of approaches you’d take, and your desire for each playstyle to be recognized and rewarded. All future updates will focus on providing more content so players can experience the Volume in the way they feel is “right.”

THE CHECKPOINTS UPDATE provides three different ways to play Volume, each with its own leaderboard. Checkpoint selection occurs in the "Basic Settings" screen, which means the checkpoint style choice will apply to both core and user generated maps.

  • Freedom - This is the current version, which will retain the present leaderboards. Checkpoints are always on, and a player can always get to them, even when under attack. Speedrunners have shown a knack for it, but stealth-focused players feel it’s easy to “cheese.”

  • Lockdown - This is the new default setting for the game with a whole new leaderboard. Checkpoints are unavailable (they disappear) when any enemy is actively pursuing the player. This prevents players from being able to use checkpoints to progress without stealth.

  • Execution - A new mode, which also features a new leaderboard. In this mode there simply are no checkpoints at all when loading a level. The ultimate challenge for those who desire it.

Oh, and one more thing…




(PlayStation patch will be submitted shortly to go through certification and the Vita version will launch with this implemented.)

(Also... all accent marks should now be visible in the Steam version across German, Spanish, French and Italian. Localisation has also been added on Steam for Polish and Russian.)