#VolumeFriday Issue 1

Look at that, a blog post with a hashtag for a title. How very, very 2013 of me.

As many folks will have noticed, the Staff Picks section was set up with a few cool levels (made by my girlfriend) just so it didn’t look too empty. The plan was always to add 2 or 3 levels every week, as cool community maps got made. So yesterday, I quietly booted up the game to find a couple of levels that stood out.

And I found 20!

There’s an awesome range, Mikel S is producing a sequence of levels telling the story of a skyscraper ascent. Pig has made a number of really nice, really tough levels. Wracketeer is slowly but surely building some incredibly cool gadget focused levels. Some levels are small and sweet, others are epic runs with jokes and pacing. Luke_C_93 has put a lot of work into making VC: Home D look fantastic. Of the many Metal Gear Solid themed levels, gamesplusjames produced a memorable take on the very opening of MGS1.

And so, just now, I pulled 20 great levels into the staff picks, immortalized for as long as our servers run (and fingers crossed that’ll be for some time). These maps will do a great job of introducing new players to the online community, and it’s fun to stamp them with the Bithell Games seal of approval.

We’ve put a gallery of some of our favourite screenshots from these levels above. Thanks for making such great maps, and if you’re feeling inspired, pick up Volume and make some cool new levels for us to add to the game next week. I look forward to seeing what you’ve produced by next Friday. :)





  • "A night in the glow in the dark museum" - pixel logic

  • "Hospital" - Pig

  • "Hold down" - Pig

  • "The Hallway" - Pig

  • "Last day pains" - rifoss

  • "Night at the Office 1" - Mikel S

  • "Night at the office 2" - Mikel S

  • "Night at the office 3" - Mikel S

  • "Docking in the shadow of Moses" - gamesplusjames

  • "Blindspot" - Wracketeer

  • "Caramel" - AyCeeWood

  • "Private Collection" - Wracketeer

  • "It's all gone wrong..." - FINNJC

  • "Lab" - Pig

  • "Gallery Mini" - Pig

  • "The Evolution" - zouloubleu

  • "Breakout" - Egroeg

  • "Scarlett Fortress" - GazaM18

  • "VC: Home D" - Luke_C_93

  • "Office Night" - tofutasties