32 hours later... (PlayStation fix, level creator promotion, checkpointing)

Thank you to everyone who has purchased, played, streamed, YouTubed (is the word ‘YouTubed’?.. that sounds wrong) or generally gotten the word out there about Volume. The game’s early success would not have been possible without your support.

We have heard your praise and criticism and are ready to act on both counts. Regarding your praise: we’re incredibly proud of the level design and we’re glad you like the jokes. You’ve also taken a keen interest in the level editor and we recognise that we need to support that interest with promotion of high-quality content (which you’re already producing, seriously, I love some of these levels). After two and a half years making our own work, and one day promoting it, we’re fast realising that the next few months are going to be about promoting the cool work you started yesterday. Let us know what you want in this area :)

In terms of criticism, we hear you loud and clear on the checkpointing. The design decision wasn’t challenging enough for some and we are diving back in to enhance the Volume. For those who were happy with the game’s checkpointing, don’t worry, that’s still going to be there for you. We’re going to augment Volume with a more difficult mode, focused on another protagonist, a tougher leaderboard which rewards pure stealth play, checkpointing only when unseen, and no story to distract you from the thievery. We’ll get a more detailed update out on our plans for this soon.

There are also a couple of smaller tweaks in the works, things like subtitle visibility improvements, better language support, and an even more comprehensive settings screen.

I’d like to thank the steam community, again, for their ongoing help with bugs. We’ve cleared most of the big ones, but we’re not stopping there. We’ll continue to update the game as those fixes get done.

On the subject of fixes, we’ve just fixed a critical bug in the PlayStation version of the game, which has caused save data problems. If you exit a level at the exact moment you are shot by an enemy the game crashes. We apologise for this. The fix is now with the folks at Sony, and will be automatically applied to your game in a couple of days (after it has been through their QA processes).

Thank you again for your purchase of the game. We are listening, and hope to support our growing community in the Volume.