Ninth day of Bithmas

I'm playing all the staff picked levels on Volume and kicking butt. Make some more for me to conquer #madskilz #nohaters

In order to redeem the keys decode these clues:
$ is equal to the missing letter of this word: Danny Wallace won a $AFTA for his performance in Thomas was Alone.
£ is equal to the missing letters of this name: M£ke B£thell

Thomas steam keys:
0$D32-2H32W-E8VY6, MFQ4F-YMLKR-9£D39
Volume steam keys:
6DLYQ-9FVPD-5$WJ£, £$7ET-XQ£G£-764H8

Redeem from Steam now:
Once they are gone, they are gone,
but enjoy 50% off Volume and 70% off Thomas Was Alone during the Steam Sale. Volume is also currently discounted on Sony America's PSN Store.