Fourth day of Bithmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It's not Bithmas, but festive all the same. AI's don't generally have the capacity to get excited and yet here I am going bonkers for all the holiday tweets. Keep them coming!

In order to redeem the keys decode these clues:
$ is equal to the last letter in Volume's AIs name.
£ is equal to the first letter of the last name of this BAFTA award winning narrator of Thomas was Alone real life personality: Danny ?
% is equal to the first letter missing from this fictional character's last name: Famed for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, Robin ?

Thomas Was Alone Steam keys:
2B6CD-X£PF5-B$3%A, £2%$8-BM6ZQ-PTZ$R
Volume Steam keys:
V3%CI-%I52A-X2R33, 4RIJX-EZ£GF-B7£9M

Redeem from Steam now:
Once they are gone, they are gone,
but enjoy 50% off Volume and 70% off Thomas Was Alone during the Steam Sale. Volume is also currently discounted on Sony America's PSN Store.