Volume Holiday Level Competition, receive Steam keys for friends


The tree is up. The candles are lit. Die Hard has been hilariously and ironically put into the DVD player. But there’s a problem. Volume, Volume is not christmassy. Sure, it’s got red and green in it. And a man, strangely fixated with redistributing presents, but it’s not right, is it?

We’d like to fix that.

I’d like to announce the first (and possibly last) Volume Holiday Level Competition, or as we’re calling it in the office, VHLC. That doesn’t work.

You’ve got til Tuesday 22nd December, 5pm UK time, to submit a festive piece of sneaky fun. I’ll pick my favourite three, and give 10 VOLUME STEAM KEYS to their creators (the perfect christmas present). Winners will be announced 5pm UK time on Wednesday 23rd.

Imagine it. Giving the gift of stealth this Christmas, and being able to arrogantly point out the level you made in Staff Picks. It’s what Christmas is all about.

To Enter:

  1. Make a level in the ‘edit simulation’ mode on PC or console
  2. Name it ‘XMAS_’ followed by a suitable and charming name - e.g ‘XMAS_NakatomiPlaza’
  3. Upload it to our servers!
  4. Follow @volumegame on twitter, and tweet our AI the name of your level (This is so we can give you your prize if you win. We have no way of contacting you through the game.)
  5. Enjoy a delicious hot chocolate by the fire

Happy level building,